Program Guidelines

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us.”

Henry David Thoreau
Bridge Adventure is committed to strengthening diversity and inclusion through experiential learning in outdoor environments. Students interested in applying should review the eligibility requirements, application and selection process, and expectations of the program. The inaugural cohort of students began fall of 2021, and the second cohort began fall of 2022.


  • Membership in the Bridge Adventure Program is open to undergraduate students of all majors at Texas Tech University, including incoming freshmen with an undeclared major.
  • Students who would like to apply must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours and be in good academic standing throughout the program. 
  • Students must be able to complete their two-year cohort experience in the Bridge Adventure program prior to graduating with an undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University. 
  • Bridge Adventure is a federally-funded program, therefore participation comes at no cost to the students, other than a commitment of their time. 

Application and Selection Process

The application process for Cohort 2 of the Bridge Adventure Program is now closed. Please check back for information regarding the next cohort’s application process.


  • Student participants in the Bridge Adventure Program will be expected to contribute to a vibrant community of diversity and respect and uphold the standard of behavior outlined in the Texas Tech Code of Student Conduct.
  • Students should also exhibit a professional level of behavior, maintain a positive attitude, and be a willing participant in all Bridge Adventure activities. This includes monthly social gatherings and the three annual excursions, which may occur during summer or spring break (with advance notice).
  • Students who show disrespect to guest speakers, their fellow classmates, program directors, or anyone associated with the Bridge Adventure Program, CASNR, or Texas Tech University will face possible removal from the program as evaluated by the Bridge Adventure program directors.
  • Bridge Adventure students must be enrolled in 12 TTU credit hours per regular semester and maintain good academic standing with the university.
  • If a student’s enrollment or academic standing falls below these thresholds during their time in Bridge Adventure, their participation in certain program activities will be suspended until they have regained this level of success in their academics. 
  • All Bridge Adventure cohort members should be present during every scheduled program meeting, activity, trip, and event.  
  • Where extenuating circumstances arise that may preclude a student’s participation in an event, exceptions can be made through early communication with program directors. 
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