Service-Learning Reflection: Jake Burke

Located just north of Waco, World Hunger Relief, Inc. is an organization and educational farm dedicated to teaching people about sustainable agriculture and how it can be used to help end food insecurity. According to Action Against Hunger, across the globe, one in every nine people don’t have access to safe or nutritious food. WHRIContinue reading “Service-Learning Reflection: Jake Burke”

Service Learning Reflection: Daniel Ozlowski

From June 13th-16th we went out to Waco Texas to the World Hunger Relief Inc. farm to help out with their day-to-day responsibilities. Over the course of the days there, we helped out with a variety of tasks, ranging from helping with a kids camp they were hosting that week to helping out with moreContinue reading “Service Learning Reflection: Daniel Ozlowski”

Service-Learning Reflection: Kara Montgomery

In June 2022, our Bridge Adventure group went to the World Hunger Relief Farm (WHRI) in Waco, Texas and it was there that we got to work alongside the farm’s staff in livestock chores, gardening, and helping with the youth summer camp. Going into this trip my focus was on the work I would beContinue reading “Service-Learning Reflection: Kara Montgomery”

Service-Learning Reflection: Madi Shade

My days spent at World Hunger Relief Inc. are some I will never forget. While most can take this statement lightly, my friends in Bridge Adventure and I can stand by it. From the moment we stepped out of the van, the hot summer air, earthy smell, and laughter filled my senses. We were instantlyContinue reading “Service-Learning Reflection: Madi Shade”