About Bridge Adventure

Bridge Adventure is program for Texas Tech University undergraduate students aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion through transformative learning experiences related to the natural environment. Students selected for the program will participate together in a two-year cohort that will engage in outdoor learning experiences. During the program, students will participate in three major experiential learning excursions including a service-learning trip, a mentored field research trip, and one adventure excursion, such as backpacking, canoeing or mountain biking. Each of these trips will last between three to seven days.  The inaugural cohort of students will begin in Fall 2021.

Bridge Adventure is designed to give participants opportunities to build community, value diversity, learn about caring for the natural environment, connect with regional partners, and develop both “hard” and “soft” skills for their future careers. Mentored field research experiences will allow students to work directly with Davis College faculty to run a research project from start to finish, while service-learning trips and adventure excursions will teach perseverance, risk management, self-awareness, a sense of discovery, and an appreciation for diversity. 

Texas Tech University is well-positioned to strengthen diversity and inclusion throughout West Texas and beyond and can provide learning experiences that can truly shape students’ futures as they select a career path and develop skills that are valuable in any workplace. This program will make those strengths of the university readily accessible for diverse students, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and vibrant society. 

The project is funded through the USDA-NIFA Hispanic Serving Institutions Education Grants Program through 2024.  

  • SPRING/SUMMER 2021 | Application process, and election of the first cohort

  • FALL 2021 | First cohort of students begins the Bridge Adventure program

  • SPRING/SUMMER 2022 | Application and selection process of second cohort

  • FALL 2022 | Second cohort of students begins the Bridge Adventure program

  • SPRING 2023 | First cohort completes their Bridge Adventure experience following their final capstone adventure excursion.

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